Friday, April 22, 2011

Update on the Scooters

Well, as my avid readers already know, recently I have had an interest in simple small motors.  Specifically the motors found on the two scooters in the Baietta Familys' Barn.

Ida and I are going hunting for parts on Saturday for the 1986 Honda PA50.  I found a spare spark plug downstairs, so we no longer need that, but we still need an oil seal, and engine mounting screws.

Here is a photo of the scooter as it lies about in two pieces.  I keep the front-end supported on the tractor wheel so that I don't risk damaging the trottle or levers.   Plus, there's the gas tank....I just feel safer when It's sitting upright.

When we last left the 2005 Derbi Atlantis, I was complaining about the throttle not working.  Well, I am happy to say that with a few days of work and a lot of cleaning and oiling, the Derbi Atlantis is going 50 km/h again!   I found that the throttle cable had become detached to the connecting carburetor cable.  While I was in the area, I checked the carb and found that it was relatively clean (great news!)

 Lise-Lotte had informed me that she wasn't happy with the quality of oil in the scooter, so I bled it (overnight) and put new in it this morning.  I checked the cylinder and found a lot of carbon buildup (probably due to the crappy oil)  So I took it all apart down to the cylinder casing and cleaned and lubricated (with the good stuff).  Today, I put it all back together, and ran it for a while.  I had to adjust the Low Pressure on the carburetor in order to get a good low Idle speed (without it dying eventually).   The bike smoked and smoked as the oil change and all of the new lubrication was being processed.  But Lise-Lotte took it for a ride today and hit 50 km/h  which is about the speed that a factory 2005 Derbi Atlantis can go on a straightaway.

I've read on websites where people are claiming 90 km/h on one of these....but I'm calling BS because most owners put aftermarket products on this specific scooter.  So those people are probably omitting the fact that they've added performance parts.

Anyways....I know that it seems to be all about motors and such....but I think that I've found another hobby.  I think that I might have found an affection for scooters.

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