Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh hey, internet!

Two weeks,  let's see if my life has had anything interesting in it.  At least something more interesting than Super-Bread.

Today was fun,  Ida, her Grandmother, and her Grandfather, and I, went to Sweden today.  You see, Sweden also has the currency of the Kroner, however, the Swedish Kroner is not worth as much as a Norwegian Kroner.  (psssst, it's because Norway has tons of oil and drills it and ships it).  So, as one might guess, prices are cheaper in Sweden, AND the currency that you carry is even stronger yet.  it's like Double Coupon days on crack in a Mexican Pharmacy.  The stores were packed.  We could barely get through the liquor store, and the Grocery Store was a hoppin' place too.  (easter pun intended)

Also, as of yesterday and today, I am slowly growing an interest in small motors.  I carefully read a service manual for Ida's 1986 Honda PA50  and then started dismantling the entire thing.  It ran, but the top speed wasn't nearly what it should be for this tiny 49cc engine. (1 piston, 2-stroke).  So as I began the tear-down, I found my culprit.....carbon build-up on the piston head.  dun, dun, DAAAAH!  which of course leads to a lack of compression, and as a result, the engine runs, it revs, but it simply lacks power.  The Carburetor was extremely clean for something so old.  and I did flush the exhaust.  We are waiting on a few small parts that were rusted and snapped during dismantling.  Two regular items like an oil seal (for the head)  and a spark plug.  Also, some of the header mounts snapped and had to be taken out.

So, after seeing my progress on this and hearing me talk about this, Lise-Lotte then told me that her Scooter, (a Derbi Atlantis 50)  also had exhaust issues.  So as of tonight, I have started the flushing process and I have a feeling that because of the oil that they used on the scooter last time, that I will have to bleed it, clean it, and re-lube the whole thing.  Also, the throttle is not-responsive.  So, I will most likely have to break it all down until I find the real dirt (so to speak).

Hey Dan, When are you flying back to the States?

May 2nd.  Yes, I arrive the day before my Dad's 32nd Birthday.  Luckily I will be there in time to celebrate it with him.

Everyone be good to each other out there.  I will see most of you soon!

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