Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Deck

Lykkelig Påske alle sammen!

First, to clarify, you all need a history lesson (except for my theology friends, you probably already know this).

in the U.S. we celebrate Easter, which gets its name from the old heathen Anglo-Saxon goddess, "Ēostur" which then got changed into english "easter" but of course is celebrated for completely different reasons now.

"Påske" is Norwegian for the Latin "Pascha" (also is acceptable in Greek form Πάσχα) which is derived from the Hebrew "Pesach."  Looks a lot like the phrase "Passover" doesn't it? So, in short, Norway which became a christian nation in AD994, adopted the christian holidays and therefore calls what you guys call "Easter" as "Påske."  make sense? 

anyway, upward and onward with a new deck!

The deck on the side of Lise-Lotte and Silvano's house was getting a little green and worn.  Further inspection showed that it was rotting.  So, it was time to pull up all of the boards and lay down some new ones!  Lise-Lotte, Ida, and myself were just standing on the deck talking about different designs and things that we would like on the deck, and all of a sudden, Lise-Lotte disappears and re-appears with a set of crowbars and hammers.  She doesn't waste anytime folks.

so, a few short hours later....

Even Ida's Morfar (Mother's Father) got in on the action.  That man is an unstoppable force of nature.  He's like a human power plant.

 I think in this photo he isn't sitting on the remains of the old deck....he is dragging and moving the entire house!


So, what to do with all of the old lumber?  I know!  Let Dan use the big saw and chop it all up!

Mom and Dad, you will notice that my hands are at all times, very far away from any sort of danger on this machine.  But I don't have any pictures of me using the chainsaw later that day.  

All of the decking wood had to be recycled because it is toxic when burned.  However, all of the wood painted white in the wheel-barrel is burnable, and we saved it.  

Here is a picture of me TCOB  (taken' care of business)

And here is a photo of the wood pile in the barn.

Yeah, we have just a few pieces.  

Today, I finished cutting up all of the trees that we cut down the day before, and I split all of the wood and added it to the nice wood pile. and before you call me a heathen for doing manual labor on Easter Sunday, you must realize that Påske is celebrated on Monday.  don't ask me why.  it just is.

I will be posting some photos later on this week, and that post will probably be the conclusion of this particular blog.  However, I will keep the domain name and simply add newer blogs in the future.

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