Friday, February 25, 2011

World Cup of Skiing!

Last Monday, Ida and I attended a short conference where indigenous people from Brazil and Peru talked about Hydroelectric Power Plants and how most of the decision making is done without regard to the native people who depend on that water, nor the environment.  The Brazilian Ambassador to Norway was present, and decided to try and save face, and deny that any complaints had been made against the projects, but as you would expect from an unbalanced democracy, he just made a complete ass of himself.

After the conference, we took a scenic route back to the Train Station and decided to snap a few photos of the Royal Palace and Karl Johan's Gate.

And as always, feel free to click on the photos to enlarge them.  I purposely left them big enough so that you could make them into wallpaper for your computers if you so choose to.

Interestingly enough, you see what is going to be a snow-sculpture in the middle of the street,  Ida and I moved in for a closer look.

I don't know anything about the skeleton of this sculpture, but I can assure you all that the surfaces are all pure snow.

These sculptures where made in preparation for the World Cup of Skiing which is being hosted in Oslo, Norway this year!  And what's even more cooler than that, you ask?  Well, I was in the audience for the Opening Ceremonies.  And it was so cool!

Even more sculptures where complete on the day of the opening, and we got some pretty good photos from it.  This photo is me standing in front of a sculpture of a sick woman in bed, with a bottle of "clear liquid" on her bedside table.  The details are amazing!  click for enlargement.

This photo includes Ida's Aunt Taki, and her mother, Lisa-Lotte.  Again, the sculpture is incredible!

Towards the back of the event was Ice-Skating as well as all kinds of food from all parts of the European world!

Near the Middle part of the event, was a path that had TONS of European foods, information, and just cool souvenirs!

Normally this would just be Oslo University, but on Wednesday, it was the main event stage for the opening ceremonies.  Behind me is the main street that the Military marches down and presents all of the nations flags whom are a part of the World Cup Skiing Federation.  

My camera was out of power at this point, but if you get the chance, you might be able to watch the ceremonies online.  It was being broadcast on Euro-Sport, I just so happen to get on camera once, during the final part of the presenting of the nations flags.

I was so very glad to be part of this historical moment!  I will blog again in the future!  Thanks for Reading!

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