Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is Norway

First, this is a Norwegian Sunset.

Next I would like to show you all what Ida and I woke up to today.

This next one is a shot of our apartment building, of course, caked in Norwegian snow fall.

Today I went with Ida to her school, and there, while she was being taught lessons about this and that, yours truly was busy studying his Norwegian.  I only have a handful of lessons left before I am done with my book, and as it happens, I have found someone who is selling their "Learn Norwegian" textbook and CD for only about $65.  Ida and I were very excited, and we have placed a phone call to see if we can get it from him.  

Tomorrow is Irish Night on the campus. (why in February... I will never know)  so Ida and I will be attending that with full knowledge of Dublin, and the Irish way of life.  

Feel free to leave questions in the comments, or whatever....I like feedback, it makes me feel like I am not just blasting on the web, all alone.   Blog to you later.


  1. Dan! I totall have Android loaded on my Sprint TP2! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. The pictures are beautiful! I look forward to visiting Norway in person someday.
    My g-mail account was just updated, and so perhaps now I can join your blog fully.