Saturday, February 12, 2011

Norwegian Book: Completed!

Ida and I are so proud of my recent accomplishment; I finally finished my "Learn Norwegian" book!  I have been speaking more and more Norsk to her mother and father as I am adjusting my thought processes and language patterns.  I am nowhere near fluency, and the TV still moves too quickly for me to catch every word.  But sometimes there are subtitles on the news, and this really helps me.

Also, speaking of news.... here is what is new in my area.

Ida and I went out for a walk last Wednesday, and we had a fresh blanket of snow covering our countryside apartment area.

The day after we had arrived at her parents' place, the weather decided to snow aggressively and so I took the two handed shovel and scraped away about 12,7cm (5in) of snow.

This morning, I got my hair cut by Lisa-Lotte because it was time to cut it....and because tonight we are having dinner at the Grandparent's house with Aunt Mariana and Uncle Tron.

Oscar seemed to be in a good mood this morning too, as he rarely poses for photos.  He really isn't fat, but he has a great amount of fur.

And I got a new Jacket from Lisa-Lotte and Silvano.  Apparently Silvano had bought it and used it a couple of times, before he realized that it's too big for him.  So now I have a Canadian Goose Down jacket.  Woo-hoo!

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  1. That snow was nothing, we currently have around 1/2 a meter snow banks along our sidewalks. anyhow you finished a book... in Norwegian, i cant remember the last time i finished a book in English let alone a weird language. good for you old chap.

  2. Of course I love the cat picture.
    I am very happy that you have such a nice warm jacket.
    Give my thanks to Silvano too!
    It does a mother's heart good to know
    1. her son is warm in the Norwegian winter and
    2. his girlfriend's parents are so generous.
    I made towels for Andy and Kay Samuels of Miami FL. They are originally from Jamiaca you may remember, so with your dad's encouragement, I made hanging kitchen towels with the Jamaican flag on the top.
    Should I be considering the Norwegian flag for a similar project?