Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Is Time!

Hello all of you faithful readers.  If you are reading this, then I am most likely somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, on my way to London, and then from there to Gardermoen Airport in Oslo, Norway.  Once again, I am living in Norway for a period of no less than 90 days.

While my time here in the States has been very productive, I am eager to get back to Norway, where life moves at a different pace.

I have applied for employment, and also to a well known business school in Norway.  While my employment opportunities are a little limited, my application has been received by the school, and Ida and myself don't see a reason why I wouldn't be accepted.  This would mean that I would be finishing my degree in Norway under a student visa.

I would like to blog more, but I believe that it is time for yours truly to sleep and dream about a special girl, and a special little 4 cylinder Ford Fiesta that are waiting for me in Norway.

Daniel Robert Appel

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